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Providing a cost and time efficient solution for floor surfaces, latex screed in London properties is a popular choice for customers. At Screed London, we offer  latex levelling screed services for all London clients, which are perfect for creating easy quick level floors.

Latex self levelling screeds in London buildings give flawless finishes every time, and latex screed can also be utilised for those who are looking to  correct unlevelled floors from wear or previous applications. Latex floor screed has a lack of protein making it ideal for environments that demand a high level of hygiene or safety.

Fast and flexible, using latex floor screed in London premises offers a versatile solution that some traditional screeds, and as latex screed has a drying time of just a few days, as well as boasting  a much larger range of workable depths,  it’s clear why latex screed in London properties  is becoming an industry standard.

Latex screed can be made to measure, meaning that no space or floor is too large or small, making latex floor screed ideal for London properties of all sizes and uses.

When you trust Screed London with your latex screed work in London,  you will get the peace of mind that comes with our industry leading guarantees. Our company promise is  that the latex screed flooring your London property requires  will be finished within three days of pouring, ready for the next step in your project.

Our years of industry experience means that our latex screed London based team has all the knowledge, skill, and commitment to superior customer service that will keep you satisfied from start to finish.

For all your latex screed needs across London, contact us today, let’s get your job done.

self leveling screed London during the pouring process
self leveling screed London during the pouring process

Difference between Liquid and Latex Self Leveling Screed in London Area

Liquid screed is a compound that can be adjusted to suit your building project requirements, making it a popular choice for Screed London clients. Fast and flexible, easily applied to any flooring in appropriate depth and expertise, it can be a good option. Latex screed in London projects is also popular, with its use of latex resin to create a self-levelling compound, the pour sets in a smooth, even finish, making it a latex screed that guarantees great results. Latex screed in London properties can represent a great choice for patching up a bad job, as the compound can be applied to an uneven surface before self-levelling to provide an even finish suitable for further work. As you can see, latex self levelling in London can offer some real benefits.

Advantages of Liquid Screed

At Screed London, we often recommend the versatility of Liquid screed for any building or renovation project. From Private properties to public spaces and industrial areas, liquid screed in London projects means less labour when compared to other flooring options,, with the advantage that liquid screed is easily applied by a smaller team. Add to this the fact that liquid floor screed is fast drying, and you can see some advantages.

Advantages of Latex Screed

Latex self levelling screed in London is a compound that includes resin, and ensures a consistent and level flooring finish on any surface. Another advantage of latex levelling screed in London buildings is that it can be applied to a small or large area with the fewest issues. Another important advantage of using latex screed in London work is the hygiene and safety elements. With latex floor screed, the absence of protein in latex screed compounds ensure that the finished product is excellent for locations that demand high safety and hygiene requirements, such as hospitals

To Lay a Latex Self Leveling London Floor Compound You Should:


When doing a latex self levelling project at your London property, prepare your floor by removing furniture, baseboards, and appliances, then take everything out of the room so the space is completely clear allowing it to be properly finished.

For all latex screed work in London premises, you must ensure the surface is dust free. Once the floor is completely dust free, the surface can be primed.


Before proceeding to use self levelling latex screed at your London property, fill any large cracks in your concrete floor with a filler and sealer by putting the nozzle of the concrete filler bottle into the cracks and squeezing the filler out until the crack is sealed. Before starting latex flooring screed work at your London property, let the filler and sealer dry before continuing prep work.

For all latex screed projects in London, it is essential to fill  cracks completely before you prime the floor and pour levelling compound over it, otherwise you will end up using far more leveller than necessary. 


Once the floor has been prepped for your latex floor leveller in your London property,  apply primer with a soft-bristle push broom, spreading it over the entire surface of the floor. To spread it thoroughly, apply downward pressure to work it into the pores of the concrete.

Once the floor primer has been thoroughly applied, it’s important that it is left to dry for about 3-24 hours until it has a tacky finish. This is critical before all latex floor screed jobs at London premises. 


The next step in latex self levelling projects in London is mixing the compound with a mixing paddle to the required consistency. For floor screed work, only mix enough to make the required number of screed lines, don’t mix more than one bag at a time as you only have about 15-30 minutes during which the compound is pourable/ spreadable. 

For all our self levelling latex screed projects in London, we always recommend working with a partner on this job as it means that one person can mix the next batch of leveller compound while another pours and spreads it out.

What is Latex Floor Screed & Latex Self Leveling London

Latex floor screed work at London properties is done to smooth the surface of concrete and screeds when laying thin vinyl or thin floor coverings. Slight imperfections in the substrate will show up in these types of floor coverings. 

A latex floor screed used in London projects will smooth out slight imperfections. Flooring screeds used across our London jobs usually consist of latex as the mixture has to be laid in a very fine layer and latex offers flexibility, allowing the self-leveling compound to move without forming any cracks. 

As we know from our experience of latex floor screed work in London, self-leveling compounds are available in two different types: one in powdered form, the other being liquid latex. When doing latex self levelling screed work in London, applying the rules and tips we discussed above will help you get good results. 

Whatever your latex floor screed work in London is, always read the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the product to ensure maximum results. Do not assume that the self-leveling mixture will work on its own. If you plan and do your homework, your latex floor screed project in London should yield great results.

self leveling screed London during the pouring process

Latex Self Levelling Compound Differs from the Usual Self Screeds

When it comes to latex self levelling screed used in many London construction projects, the main difference between this and ordinary screed is that it contains a latex additive. 

Essentially, latex screed uses latex in place of water, it’s that simple, the latex floor screed will provide a true, level surface on which to lay final flooring.

Latex self levelling compound/floor screed is used across London for a variety of projects, with latex screed being useful for: 

Bonded Screed Layer
Perfect for self-levelling latex screed projects in London as the compound needs to form a good bond with the base layer, making it ideal.

Unbonded Screed Layer
When using latex self levelling screed, this is not best suited for this type of construction because of the presence of a membrane between the substrate and screed, best avoided. 

Floating Screed Layer
This kind of screed is used for sound or heating installations and because the screed sits on an insulation layer it is not a suitable form of construction.