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About Liquid Screeding London 

When it comes to floor screed in London, liquid screed pours quickly and consistently, flowing into place and levelling itself without compromising on the strength and durability that you expect from other screed mixes. Using liquid flow screed on your Lonodn floors is ideal for underfloor heating setups, as it can flow between and around the pipes, eliminating any issues with joins and gaps. 

Our expert screeders in London deliver and pour your floor screed to a standard you can trust, whenever you want and wherever you need it, and our floor screed calculator online can help you work out just how much you require, helping you with cost and time estimates. At Screed London, we offer a range of floor screed services to both residential and commercial clients, so contact us today for a quote and to get the work started. 

Julian TylerJulian Tyler
12:33 04 May 23
I have never experienced such amazing service as the one I got from this screed company! They are the best screeders in London, and their work is just immaculate. They are reliable, and professional and were able to complete my job with ease 🙂
Robert InmanRobert Inman
11:23 12 Apr 23
I was looking for the best screeders in London, and I found them. They made my life so much easier with their amazing service and great products!
Juan BohiJuan Bohi
13:48 16 Sep 22
When I needed some urgent concrete screed work done after another company let me down, these screeders stepped in and did the work, one of the best screeding companies London wide, I will make them my go to team from now on.
Al OneAl One
19:41 02 May 22
very professional.
Roy TilburyRoy Tilbury
18:38 18 Apr 22
Had a garden Room 20mtr square laid and they did it in total start to finish in 3 hours! I was amazed at the time - I did 5m2 myself and took probably 8 hours and I had to use a self leveller. Floor is great and perfectly level. They are very professional and probably used to dealing with larger areas with the the pump they used but so pleased with result. The price was competitive but the results were worth it.
Michael McDonaldMichael McDonald
12:34 13 Apr 22
Great job done by a great team of guys. They were reliable and they left the job clean. I am a builder myself and I would highly recommend them.
Tomas SirinskasTomas Sirinskas
11:45 07 Apr 22
Lukas and his team done recently 270m2 screed in a basement.They completed it within 2 days.Installed screed is perfectly levelled and completely flat. Will always call Lukas for my projects in the future
Jerzy HolubowiczJerzy Holubowicz
20:46 02 Mar 22
Absolutely stunning work from Lukasz and team. Highly recommended 👌
Andrei IonutAndrei Ionut
19:01 02 Mar 22
Very professional Team ! I want to tank you Lukasz and his team for the high quality work what they did for us !Highly recommend them !

A Guide to Liquid Screed Drying Times

When you work with liquid screed on your London project, there are many benefits and advantages to enjoy, such as liquid screed’s self-levelling qualities, blemish eradication, and the efficiency of installation using a small specialist team. As well as all this, liquid flow screed offers an extremely rapid drying time, in contrast to traditional screed which can take days to dry and be ready to walk on. With liquid screed, that time is just 24-48 hours.

What makes liquid floor screed quicker to dry material is the fact that our screeders in London can lay it in thinner layers than traditional screed due to the enhanced strength of the flow screed, making it more durable than traditional screed even when more thinly spread.

As our screeders in London know due to their experience, every project and environment is different, and some liquid screed will dry more quickly than others, depending on the overall project conditions, with variables such as temperature and humidity, as well as any moisture ingress. Each liquid screed project in London has three stages, each of which is critical for the best possible results to be achieved.

Liquid Screed – First 24-48 hours

For liquid screed work in any London project, this is the critical period. Once the pour is complete the liquid screed needs must remain undisturbed and completely untouched for at least 24 hours, during which time any and all doors and windows should be kept closed. When this time period has elapsed, the floor screed should be dry enough to walk on, though checking that before allowing foot traffic on your floor screed is always advised. Before testing the work our screeders have done at your London site, any heavier traffic should be avoided, and we also recommend that storage of site materials on the screed flooring be avoided until the dry is complete.

Liquid Screed – Post 48 hours

With liquid screed work, the early stages of drying are dependent on draught free environments, but as our screeders in London know,  after the initial 48 hours the opposite is true, with full cross ventilation required to harden the floor screed. 

At this point, all doors and windows need to be kept open to accelerate the drying process, and it is important to note that our liquid screed dries at the rate of 1mm per day for the first 40mm, and 0.5mm per day for any additional depth. 

Naturally, all our floor screed work in London is always contingent on an environmental temperature of 20℃ and 65% relative humidity. As a rule of thumb, the higher the temperature and the lower the humidity the faster the drying time.

Liquid Screed – Force Drying

After one week liquid screed can be force dried:

Screeding with Underfloor Heating

If liquid screed is being used on your Lonodn floors as part of a liquid screed the water pipes can be used to speed up dry times after 7 days, beginning with a water temperature of 25℃ for 3 days, rising to 55℃ for a further 4 days. Humidity should be kept to a minimum throughout the force drying period, so good ventilation is essential.

Drying Screed with Dehumidifier

For liquid screeding on London projects that are using it as a foundation to a flooring finish a dehumidifier can help reduce drying times if used in conjunction with the heating of the area. Estimating the number of humidifiers needed to work effectively for the space in which the screed has been laid is an important point to remember. 

As liquid screed is so strong, thinner layers than those required for traditional screed mixtures can be used, and the ability to force dry the flooring to complete the dry makes liquid screed work on many London sites the most cost effective and efficient floor screed currently available.

Purposes of Liquid Screed London

When it comes to liquid screeding in London, many of our clients opt for a colourful or functional floor, which is when this kind floors screed is definitely required versus bare concrete surfaces.

Floor screed on commercial and industrial locations needs to be more robust as the floor will experience and have to deal with much more frequent traffic. Most floor screed in London is used for internal projects only, often ideal for covering underfloor heating systems, acoustic or thermal insulation. 

For external floor screed work in London, polymer-modified screeds are available. This kind of liquid screed and flow screeding is hard-wearing, water-resistant and able to withstand a more demanding environment. Whatever your project may be, our screeders in London are always happy to advise you on the best floor screed for your individual project. 

With the increasing popularity of underfloor heating, floor screed is used in London properties more than ever. When it comes to the installation process, our screeders have provided a summary of what you can typically expect for your screed application. 

Before any floor screed work, make sure your London building site is weather and waterproofed,  with a substrate that is smooth and flat, ensuring that all your heating system pipes are securely fixed, and that pipes passing through a joint location are sufficiently sleeved. 

What are important things while considering a floor screed

When you are looking to do any flow screeding, liquid flow screed, or another type of floor screed project at your London site, It is important for you to understand the requirements of your project to determine the best screeds and methods of application available for that work. 

There are many factors that will impact the kind of floor screed you should use, including the scale, your budget, and whether underfloor heating or other forms of insulation are involved, as well as all the schedule and durability requirements of your project.

Careful planning and meticulous attention to detail is something all our screeders in London pride themselves on, which is why we offer a consultation service to advise our customers on the best possible application and floor screed suited to your project.

Liquid Flow Screed vs Traditional screeds

When you need quality liquid screeding at your London site, the benefits of liquid floor screed are numerous, especially when compared to a more traditional sand and cement combination. This is particularly true when liquid floor screed is being used to cover underfloor heating systems.

When it comes to the liquid floor screed we use on our London construction projects, it has a critical role to play in the heating system as it affects how quickly heat is transferred through the material from the heating pipes, which means the liquid screed determines how quickly the room reaches your ideal target temperature. In simple terms, the faster the room reaches this point, the lower the impact on energy use and cost, hence the liquid screeding benefit. 

Main Reasons for Using Liquid Screed in London

Thinner Layer
Liquid screeding at your London location allows  the benefits of the  physical properties of the material, which  allows a thinner screed, meaning  less material to heat, allowing  the room to reach your desired temperature faster and more efficiently.

Even without under-floor heating, liquid floor screed has advantages versus traditional screed, as liquid screed makes it possible to reduce the screed thickness to 25mm due to it being far more robust than traditional screeds, reaching strengths of 30N/mm2.

Dry in 24 Hours
With optimal drying conditions present, our liquid floor screed at your London site can be ready for light traffic in 24-48 hours, with this liquid screed allowing other aspects of your building project to progress without delay.

Wide Availability
Our liquid screeding work is available across London, as we have local depots across the capital and facilities in both Twickenham and Grays, a set up that allows us to provide flow screeding and liquid floor screed to London clients in all regions and districts. 

Underfloor Heating
At Screed London, we use liquid floor screed that is perfect for underfloor heating projects as there are no blind spots around the pipes. Call us for more information about our liquid screeding, flow screeding and liquid flow screed services in London.